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Meet Vili

Austrian fitness expert Vili was one of the first trainers to bring EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) workouts to the United States.

She uses a FDA cleared device and has built a devoted following and A-list roster of clientele including numerous celebrities and professional athletes who swear by her method. At age 12 Vili became a professional dancer and model and was featured in numerous movies and commercials across Europe, but her true passion has always been to help others achieve their fitness goals. Vili is now a mom living in Los Angeles and she has been featured in numerous outlets globally and on TV.

The EMS Method

Vili is one of the only certified EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation or Electromyostimulation) experts in the United States today. EMS is a type of physical training that originally comes from physiotherapy and is popular across much of Europe and Asia. Vili has trained numerous celebrities and professional athletes and is known for her unique training style.

What is EMS Training?

EMS (= electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation) is a new trend sport that originally comes from physiotherapy. This high-intense whole-body workout uses low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate those muscles that are often ignored by conventional training methods. When training with electrical impulses, the orthopedic load is low, the workout is very joint-friendly. At the same time the metabolism is stimulated because all large muscle groups are trained at the same time. EMS effectively addresses the large, fast muscle fibers that are difficult to reach with other types of training. It’s very safe for almost everyone, especially for older people or after pregnancy. It’s the best way to workout since lifting heavy weights are usually not recommended. EMS is not recommended for women who are pregnant, people who have metal in their chest, have pacemakes or suffer with seizures.




1. 89% of people tested after using EMS training reduced their back pain, and over 38% of those tested reported their recurring back problems had disappeared.

2. Research has shown that EMS is more effective than conventional weight training.

3. During an EMS training session, up to 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously.

4. Only 20 minutes of EMS training per week is sufficient to improve health and strength.

5. EMS is also known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) or Electromyostimulation.

6. On average 85% of people tested after EMS training felt their body shape had improved, and 90% ranked the EMS training method as positive.

7. EMS training showed great results for post-pregnancy women.

8. EMS training is gentle on joints but still provides high quality strength training.

9. Training with higher intensity produced positive results, especially for people who suffered from recurring pain and other ailments. It also resulted in enhanced muscle tone and performance.

10. EMS training is proven to help people achieve various training goals, be it dealing with ailments and injuries, athletic performance or just improving overall fitness and well-being.


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